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Banco Atlantida : Letters from Heaven


Honduras is the most dangerous country in the world. 27 people die daily of a violent death.
People have lost hope in the future and are not saving.
Watch here how Banco Atlantida wanted to bring a message of hope for the parents of new borns.

Advertising Agency:Mccann, Honduras
Ceo:Xavier Romero
General Creative Directors:Alvaro Noboa S., Juan Manuel Larco
Associate Creative Director:Alexandra Robles
Art Director:Germán Alvarado, Germán Alvarado
In House Chief Producer:José Velásquez
Account Directors:Marvín Durón, Eva Paz
Director:Alvaro Noboa S.
Executive Producer:Roberto Castillo
Photographer:Germán Alvarado
Post Production:Roberto Castillo

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