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Call For Equality


Today women in the UK make up just 29% of creative departments. Only 12% of creative directors are female, a reality which many believe negatively impacts the industry’s ability to solve business problems.

How can create mass awareness of the problem to the advertising community and help bring about change?


Though the industry had talked about the problem for years, nothing had ever happened.

Perhaps the most iconic advertising festival of them all could help be a part of the solution.

The famous Cannes Lion was redesigned to be one half lion and one half lioness.

It was mailed to José Papa, the new CEO of Cannes Lions.

The new trophy was designed to be both a symbol of gender parity in the advertising world and a constant reminder of the industry’s need for balance.

The #CallForEquality campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook set out to get the new trophy adopted by the festival.




José Papa has agreed to a meeting.

While it was too difficult to implement the idea in 2017, Mark St. Andrew, Cannes’ head of editorial output, wrote, “It’s certainly an interesting idea! Naturally we welcome anything that raises the profile of the industry diversity discussion.”



Gender disparity is a huge topic at the moment.

In the UK, there was a storm in both the media and social media when it was revealed that women at the BBC earned massively less than their male counterparts.

In advertising, it isn’t just the pay gap that is so depressing but the fact that there appears to be discrimination against women in creative departments.

Mail in this context is a PR tool.

How would the CEO of Cannes Lions respond?

That was the story. And it is one that has more pages still to be written, I suspect.



Agency: CP+B London

Country: UK

Date of campaign: March 2017


Patrick Collister
Patrick Collister

Editor Directory Magazine

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