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Home by APAV – A catalogue against domestic violence


In Portugal, ‘home’ is the very definition of a safe place. Sadly, statistics prove that this simply isn’t true.
And most of the people are ignoring the awful reality about domestic violence.

APAV (Portuguese Association for Victim Support) wanted to raise awareness, showing the truth of numbers,
but also revealing that violence is, most of the times, where least expected, beyond an appearance of normality.

Victims of domestic violence tend to hide and deny their condition.
Even so (and aware that numbers are far from reality), in 2014 APAV registered 16.881 crimes of domestic violence:
an increase of 78% comparing to the previous year.


This catalogue helped the victims to recognize the problem and look for help.
It also had a called to action to everyone that knows someone in this condition. As APAV is a NGO,
it needs the society support to help its fight against violence and for for victims’ rights.

The Home® catalogue was more than just a direct mail piece, for them it was a huge statement about domestic violence.

watch the case movie here :

Advertising Agency:Fcb, Lisbon, Portugal
CCOs:Luis Silva Dias, Edson Athayde
Creative Director:Victor Afonso
Copywriter:Victor Afonso
Artistic Directors:Pierrick Allan, Mathieu Chollet
Directors:Luciano Ottani, Alexandre Montenegro
Production Company:Show-Off
Producer:Manuela Fonseca
Agency Film Producer:Cesar Monteiro
Account Director:Carlos Baptista
Account Executive:Pedro Santos


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